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Celebrating yourself

Boudoir portraits are one of the most fun and personal sessions that we offer. As a woman, Julie has a special insight to how to help you look beautiful and confident in your images.  We have glamour boudoir props and backgrounds to help you with your special session.  Celebrate yourself with a boudoir portrait session. We also offer pinup portraits, which are more stylized and more of a vintage feel.  If you are interested in any of these types of portraits, please call us for a portrait consultation.  We like to chat with you about exactly what you are looking for in a photo shoot, along with your vision for your session. Our sessions come with a  professional doing your hair and makeup so that you look your best. My job as a professional photographer is to make you feel not only completely relaxed, but beautiful in your own skin.  Through my experience, I will use posing and lighting to make to look and feel your best. Julie understands a woman’s concerns as she steps in front of the camera and will make you feel and look your best! Boudoir photography is a way to celebrate yourself as a woman, you can totally do this as a gift for yourself.  A lot of our clients come in for a session when they are reaching a milestone in their lives.  This can be a birthday, an anniversary, a change in their personal life, a weight lose, it can be anything.


If you are interested,please call 661-942-4813 to schedule a consultation to talk with us about your session.