Senior Model 2020

Senior Model

Senior Model Program


Calling all Senior Models from Lancaster and Palmdale, CA, and all of the Antelope Valley.

I’m glad you are on this page!

This means you are interested in being a
2020 Senior Model.


Don’t be forced into signing a contract, this time of your life is too short for that!
Our Senior Model Program is a “no rules” upfront program!
Keep reading to learn more.


Who can be a SENIOR MODEL?

In keeping with our “no rules” policy,

the straight up answer is ANYONE!!

We don’t pick special group of Seniors!
This is NOT A popularity contest!

Nope, all you have to do is
BE a junior or senior and PRESTO
you are a Senior Model!!

At Julie Sutton Photography
we treat every customer special!!

That is why ALL of the Seniors that we photograph look like they are models!!!


How is it possible that EVERYONE can be a Senior Model?

So many photographers these days have
Senior Model Programs.

They have some cute names for them too!
But bottom line, you are then tied into
promoting for them,
(hounding your friends to come to them!)

Many will even make you PAY
for your senior pictures up front.

Julie Sutton Photography just let’s you come when it’s best for YOU!!!
This coming senior year should be
all about YOU!!!
NOT, all about advertising for
some photographer.


But what about the DEALS for being a Senior Model?

Oh sure, we’ve got some super cool deals for High School Senior Models!!!

Just schedule your session in January, February, or March
andJulie will give you HALF OFF your session fees!!

No catch 22.

Plus, you have to be crazy happy with everything we do,
or we redo your session at no cost to you.
That is our guarantee.
So we are inviting every 2020-2021
High School Juniors and Seniors
in the Antelope Valley and beyond to sign up!!!
You’ve got nothing to lose with us!


I’ve heard that you’re expensive, is that true?


We’ve heard this for years now!

It’s because our senior pictures
look so awesome!

It’s also because of all the time we are willing to spend with you.

Finally, it’s because of our years of experience that we know
all the finer details of lighting, posing
and award winning editing!

YES, our senior pictures just look perfect!

So, very often, people CONCLUDE
that our senior pictures MUST be expensive???

But the simple fact of the matter is,
our pricing is the same
or even a bit lower than all
of the other photographers in the AV.



 Explain the “NO RULES” Senior Model Program.


  1. See rule number one if you think there is a catch 22.
  2. You have to love what we do or we will redo your session at no cost to you.
  3. You have to be a 2020  high school senior (or a junior class of 2021)
  4. You come in and take senior pictures when you want, but if you come in Jan, Feb., or March, you get 1/2 off your session fees
    and we use your images in advertising.
  5. You get the best price from the best photographer with the most experience!!!
    Total win – win for you. No hassles, no contract, no paying up front.

It all sounds great,
CLICK HERE to sign me up!!!


After you sign up, we will then contact you let you know what you need to do and when!!!


Come on In!

Office Hours

M – F : 10am–5pm

Sat :10am–1pm

Sun : Closed

Flexible session times available



44803 Beech Ave.
Lancaster, CA 93534