Senior Photo FAQ

Senior Photo Frequently Asked Questions 661-942-4813

1. Some studio told me I have to go to them to get my photo in the yearbook :

That is not completely accurate.  We have submitted senior photos to the following schools in the past few years: Paraclete, Highland, Eastside, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Pete Knight, Bethel, Desert High School, and more.  If you have any questions, you should contact your yearbook advisor.

2. So why should I come to Sutton Photography for my senior portraits?

Do you really want your senior portraits to look identical to everyone else? We take an interest in finding out what makes you unique. Julie has over 20 years as a professional photographer.  You are not just handed over to someone with little to no experience.

3. What will my session be like?

     You never have to wait.  Some studios, double book, so the photographer is running back and forth between clients, not really giving you their full attention.   You will feel relaxed and comfortable.  Julie does everything she can to make your feel confident about yourself. You will leave feeling great about yourself!

4.What is a portrait consultation and why do you recommend it?

A portrait consultation is where you come to our studio in Lancaster and we chat about your interests and if there is anything you have in mind, we go over that. We discuss props and backgrounds. There is never a fee for a consultation and it should take around 3o minutes, tops. We have found through experience that whenever we do consultations, that our clients are even more satisfied with the finished portraits. This is a good time to see what products we offer and gives us a chance to answer any questions you may have beforehand.

5. How long will it take for me to see the images from my session?

  Depending on your schedule, it will take a few days.  Before you leave your session, we will set up your preview appointment. A preview appointment is when your view your images and place your order.  We have found that it takes a good solid hour to decide on your images.  So be on time, please, so you are not rushed!

6. What will my finished senior portraits be like?

You will look gorgeous, and yet still look like you.  Guess guys don’t want to look gorgeous, but still want to look good! Our retouchers are trained to remove your “flaws” while retaining the texture of your skin.  You will not look like a plastic doll. The examples you have seen on our website represent our images and how you should expect your images to look.


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