Wedding Photography Lancaster CA Portfolio

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Great Wedding Photography Lancaster, CA

 You You 




You are going to spend the most time with your photographer out of all your vendors.  

(We meet for the consult,  meet to do the timeline, we photograph the wedding, meet for you to choose your images for album, 

meet again to design the album,  you pick up the album,  . . . .you get the idea.)




I would suggest contacting us to set up a time to meet face to face.

See if we are a good match (pun intended)

Find out what our clients say about us

Wedding Photos Le Chen restaurant

Wedding at Le Chen, Agua Dulce, CA

Step One: Do you like our work?

  Take a look at our  WEDDING PORTFOLIO

Browse through actual wedding albums from real clients below

Rancho Vista Golf Course     JP Hellenic Center     Elegant Affairs

If you like what you see and you think we might be a good match, then go to Step Two.  If not, that’s okay. I wish you the best in your marriage and encourage you to keep searching for a photographer whose style is more to your liking, as you definitely want to love your wedding photos!

Step Two:  Tell us about your wedding

We’re glad you like our work! Now we need to hear from you. Hop on over to our Contact Form and leave us a message!

We will reach out to you and see if we are available and if we are a good match.

We’ll respond as quickly as we can to let you know if we’re available for your wedding.

Step Three:  Meet up!

We are located in Lancaster, CA ,let’s get together and we can show you the lovely albums and wall art we offer and talk more about your wedding.   Call us to set up a free consultation at 661-942-4813.

We’ll discuss how much coverage you’ll need and make sure you have exactly what you are looking for in your wedding photography.

Wedding JP Hellenic Center Lancaster CA

Wedding at JP Hellenic Center
Lancaster, CA

Step Four:  Decide to work with us!

You won’t regret it. We’re fun, and we go the extra mile to make sure your wedding photography is amazing.

Step Five:  Fill out contract and bring in retainer

We don’t hold dates until we have your contract and 1/3 retainer fee, take care of this right away so that you don’t lose your date to another couple.

Once we have those two things, then you’re officially booked!

Now wasn’t that easy?

Finally, if you still have questions, drop us a message using our contact form