“My portraits may not hang in museums,

but they hang in the homes of people all over this town,

. . .and they are PRICELESS”


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Celebrate Mothers


As an Award Winning Photographer, I love my day job.  While I am constantly evolving, I hesitate to categorize my work. I’m an A-Z photographer. I do it all- and I enjoy the freedom of not specializing. I love the challenge that all aspects of photography brings to me.

I offer sessions in the studio and on location.

We have lots of backgrounds and props to choose from.

Blending photography with custom design creates custom portraits -one of a kind

Creative vision, passion, determination, patience, a connection to people, and a whole lot of coffee all come into play when producing quality work.

My studio is located at 44803 Beech Ave., Lancaster, Ca 93534

Downtown Lancaster, CA

One block south of Lancaster Blvd and one block west of Sierra Hwy.