Senior Photography Lancaster, CA

Senior Portraits Lancaster, Palmdale, CA

senior portrait in a daisy dressSenior portrait white backgroundsenior portraits in lancaster, palmdale, casenior portraits in lancasterWe did Brittany’s senior photography this year. She is a very artistic, talented young lady. She does her own hair and makeup and does a fantastic job!  We had so much fun creating a look just for her! She had this great daisy dress and Julie looked for some flowers to   If you aren’t quite as talented as Brittany, we do offer a professional hair and makeup artist service.  Just ask!  Congrats to Brittany and all of the Class of 2015.

Portrait Painting

Portrait Painting

The first portrait is a “before” photo. The second photo shows painting that was done on the photo to render a more artistic, painterly feel.  We often put our photos on canvas to give it an even more painted look.

The first Portrait is the “original” photo.  The second photo is the painted version of the photo.  Look at the details such as the tablecloth, bread, etc. to see the brush strokes. Many times we will put the photo on a canvas to lend an even more painterly quality.


Family Portraits – Lancaster, CA


 Family Portraits

 family-portraits-Lancaster-CAWe did Christina’s family portraits in our Lancaster, CA studio. Christina wanted something different for her family portraits. We suggested a collage,taking  each individual and putting all the images together.  This is a way of showing each family member’s personality. From Mom and Dad to the little granddaughter, everyone looks great.Doing a collage family portrait allows each person to get exactly what they want.. Think of all the possibilities when each person can look their best and you don’t have to compromise on that one person that looks ok but not great. Each person chooses their best pose, and we put it together.This gives the portrait a very modern feel and everyone is happy! Family portraits are so important that is worth the time, effort and investment to do them. Call today for a free consultation at 661-942-4813 for a family portrait in Lancaster, Ca.

Wedding on the BLVD

Wedding on the BLVD Winners


Jazmin and Waldo were the lucky winners of the contest for the free Wedding on the BLVD. They received a wedding valued at $17,000.  Yeah, I know, it is totally amazing!

azmin got her beautiful wedding dress from Bella Bridal and everyone, including me, kept asking her if she was always that tall!  She looked gorgeous! The day started with the bride getting her hair and makeup provided by Bella West Salon, hosted by Valerie Orcutt, the salon’s owner. Joining her were her bridesmaids and her lovely little daughter.

Then off to Bex for photos before the ceremony.  The bridal party all came back to the studio for formal portraits ( and to get out of the heat!).  We had a lot of fun with the groomsmen, as you will see!

RC Limousine transported Jazmin in style  to the Bandstand at Bex.   The ceremony was performed on the Bandstand under a beautiful arch provided by Antelope Valley Florist.

The food was fantastic and was provided by GBG Grill in downtown Lancaster. Lamplighter provided the centerpieces and they really lent an beautiful atmosphere to the reception room.  Erica Allbee of All About Fitness Downtown and a board member of the BLVD association also served as the wedding coordinator.

We enjoyed doing photographs in front of the Bex sign and as you will see had a lot of fun with the wedding party on the sign.  They were game for anything!

The bride and groom are enjoying a honeymoon by the beach, provided courtesy of Valerie Orcutt, Bella West salon.






Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits   661-942-4813

Senior Photography in Lancaster/Palmdale CA

Valerie is a recent graduate.  She was a great subject and up for anything.  Her friends commented that she looked like a model during the session, and she really did.  Her personality really comes through in these images.  We always suggest a consultation with our clients before their senior portraits.  We discussed clothing and made some suggestions. Valerie brought in her dress that she would wear to graduation. We scheduled her session to allow her time to do her hair and makeup and the results were stunning.

If you are interested in planning a session, please call us at 661-942-4813.

Senior Portraits hair makeup

Senior Portraits hair makeup

Tristen is a high school senior, graduating from Rosamond High School, Class of 2014. She was great to begin with, but the makeup artist and hair stylist really brought out her natural beauty. I had photographed her sister a couple of years ago, and now it was Tristen’s turn to shine! 


We had so much fun working with her and gettting her to “smize” with her eyes (those beautiful baby blues!). We offer hair and makeup styling not just for high school senior portraits, but also for glamour and boudoir portraits, family portraits, glamour portraits, pretty much for whatever session that you would like a little more help with hair and makeup styling.

Once again, thanks Tristen for giving us the opportunity to photograph you for this milestone in your life.

Business Headshot Portraits

Business Headshot Portraits

Tina is a very successful  Mary Kay Cosmetics representative.  She wanted to update her business headshot portraits to reflect her professional side and update her social media. Also, I suggested that she bring another outfit that is feminine with some movement in the fabric. This works beautifully with her hair and complexion.  Women want to look both beautiful and professional! Having your portraits done is a perfect excuse to be photographed and give portraits to your husband, kids, hey even your Mom would love a portrait of you!

If you interested in learning more about skincare and makeup contact Tina at

Pet Photography

Pet Photography

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am an extreme pet lover.  It would be hard to imagine anyone more into pets than me, however, these fine people from Smith Veterinary Hospital loves pets just as much!  We have been taking our menagerie of animals there for years. They are truly are “compassionate and caring”.  The photos in the gallery are all actual employees from Smith Vet with their pets.  Oh, and this is just a few of their pets, we couldn’t get them all in the portraits. For your pet photography, come to Sutton Photography, and I would highly recommend Smith Vet Hospital as a place to go for all your pet needs.

College Graduation Portraits

College Graduation Portraits


College Graduation Portraits

College Graduation standing

Congratulations to John on receiving his degree in law. I would imagine that he worked very hard to achieve that goal! We have been very fortunate to know the family a long while. Both John and his sister, Mary Grace graduated from Paraclete and we were lucky enough to photograph their senior portraits.  It has been a pleasure to see them grow and  achieve their goals.  Again congratulations to John on graduating with a law degree.

Law School Graduate

College Graduate close-up



Future Leaders of the Antelope Valley

Future Leaders of the Antelope Valley

Two of our photography clients were featured in the Antelope Valley’s Edition of the Future Leaders.

Senior girl in traditional black drape, future leaders of the Antelope Valley

Senior photography, traditional v-drape, photography lancaster, ca

“”In her years as an athlete at Bethel Christian School, Jazmin has seen teammates and opponents alike suffer from injuries.  In the future, she’d like to be the one who helps them get back in actions. She hopes to study physiotherapy in colleges with her sights set on a career in sports medicine. Jazmin has a 3.98 grade-point averageis taking AP history and AP and composition. “Jazmin has an outstanding work ethic and a sweet spirit”, Casey Haynes of Bethel Christian said. Jazmin has volunteered at a surgical center and worked with Project Angel Food, which makes food for the sick. “knowing that you did a good deed helping out somebody who is really sick and providing food for them was really great,” she said. “The surgical institute was a really good experience,” she added ,”It really opened doors to seeings a lot of new things that maybe other students wouldn’t have access to. It was great working with doctors and getting to sit in on some surgeries and see what really goes on in their life.” Congratulations to Jazmin – Future Leader.  (excerpted from Antelope Valley Press: written by Darren Vaughan)

Cap and gown photography, future leaders of the antelope valley

Senior portrait in Bethel cap and gown


Senior girl with volleyball props

Our second star student is Catherine, a senior at Paraclete.  “When other kids said they wanted to be a teach or a firefighter, Catherine  said she was interested in finding a cure for cancer.  That desire was solidified when her younger brother, Randy, developed health problems after he was born more than three years ago.”the medical field saved his life,”she said. Now “he’s a perfectly normal 3 1/2 year old, running around getting into trouble.” The Paraclete senior has played volleyball since she was  11 years old, andshe was named the Delphic League Most Valuable Player and was named to the all-CIF team this past season for Paraclete.  Catherine, who has a 4.3 grade point average, is so focused on her goals that this year she took calculus and physics as her electives. Catherine also volunteers at the Los Angels County Department of Children and Family Services. Her mother says that”Catherine is very driven and tries to excel at everything she does. She has been self-driven since a young age and has always been kindhearted and willing to help others around her. She is not only smart but also kindhearted. She never leaves a task uncompleted.”  Congratulations to Catherine – A Future Leader of the Antelope Valley.

(Excerpted from Antelope Valley Press: written by Alan Hendry)

Senior girl in studio jeans and boots

senior girl in studio jeans