Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Families grow and change

It’s incredible how time seems to speed up when we’re not paying attention, isn’t it?

A mother once told me, with tears in her eyes, “it seems like just yesterday, I brought her home from the hospital, and now she is graduating.”

Their laughter fills your home, their milestones mark the passage of time, and suddenly, you find yourself wishing you could press the pause button just for a moment.

Is your child growing up too fast?

Now they are almost teenagers or young adults.

Soon they will start on the next chapter of their lives, independence.

Where did the time go?

In the midst of it all, they’re teaching us the true meaning of love,
and the beauty of watching someone blossom into their own unique self.

Are you at the stage in life where your babies are starting their own familites?

You can see the time just flying by.

What are you doing to celebrate and keep those memories?

Sessions we offer

-Studio Session: at our storefront studio with over 30 backgrounds – fee $100 on up

-Location Session: we have 3 locations we go to often. Choose from a Desert locale, a Park, or a Ranch- fee $150 on up.

Session fees cover our time for the photo shoot and do not include any final portraits.



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