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Lancaster Headshots

Your headshots should be opening doors for you.

Whether you already work in entertainment or are trying to “break into the business”, yourimage is a huge part of  your professional life.
Bottom line is that your images should be opening doors for you to get more work.

Our goal is to make images that get you noticed, make you money and to have a fun time while doing it.

We offer sessions in the stufio or on location to give you exactly what you need to get working.the final product. 


Session Pricing

Our sessions and pricing are designed to give you the flexibility to get exactly what you need.
Whether you are looking for just a few perfectly finished images, or you need a lot of options, you can get exactly what you need.
All sessions include 1 or 2 retouched images with additional iamges available for purchase as you need them.


Standard . . . .   $199

Most Popular Session
Includes about 30 minutes of photography and one retouched image that you select at the end of the session.
Perfect for adding 1 to 4 “waist up” looks to your portfolio.

Deluxe . . . . . .  $299

Deluxe includes up to one hour of photography and two retouched images that you select at the end of the session. It’s typical to get between 4 and 8 looks in this time and it can include 3/4 and full length shots.


Image Purchase Options

The image purchase option you choose is going to depend on what you need.
If you aren’t sure what you need right this second, don’t worry. You don’t have to decide ahead of time, and we can walk you through the process later.
In the meantime, you can learn more about our retouching process and what it includes, HERE.

Full Image Gallery (High Rez)  $249

Get the full gallery of your images, not retouched, in high resolution.

Retouched Images (1-4)          $79 each

Every retouched image is edited by hand to make you look as rested, healthy, and put together as you do on your best day.  We specialize in natural retouching that makes sure you look like you.

5 Retouched Images                $250

Get your favorite 5 images perfectly retouched by hand.

10 Retouched Images              $500

Pick the 10 best images from your session and get them hand-retouched and delivered in high resolution.

More Information

Upgrade sessions to on location for $199.
For all the answers, visit our HEADSHOT FAQ HERE