FAQ for Head shot Session

“Due to the current pandemic, we ask all clients wear a mask before and after your session.  We will have ours on too.”


What is the right size session for me?

Our Head shot sessions are based on length of time. Depending on what you need, you want to make sure that you book the appropriate amount of time to get the images you need. Check out the descriptions below to see what will fit you best.

Standard Session:

Our most popular session, The Standard Session includes up to 30 minutes of photography time and one-retouched image that you select at the end of the session. Whether you are looking for one image for your website or Linkedin page, this is a great place to start.  You will receive your favorite image retouched image, delivered to you in high resolution.
You will also have the option to purchase additional images if you want them. All images in the Standard Session are head and shoulder and waist up only.
If you are wanting more outfit changes, a mixture of 3/4 and full length poses, the Deluxe Session would be a better fit.

Deluxe Session:

If you are looking for more than a head shot, the Deluxe session might be for you. It includes up to one hour of photography time and two-retouched images that are delivered to you in high resolution.
The Deluxe gives you enough time to put together a more extensive portfolio of images as well as a mix of headshots, medium, and full-length shots. This is ideal for a more in depth business branding session, or for someone looking to get a greater variety of different outfits, hair style changes (that you do), and background changes.

Where does the session take place?

Most of our sessions take place in our Lancaster CA studio. It’s located in Downtown Lancaster, on Beech Ave., one block south of Lancaster Blvd.
If you need us to work on location for your session, you can upgrade to an on-location session for $199 and we can collaborate on the location.

What are my options for purchasing additional images? Do you offer retouching?

Depending on what session you choose, it will include a set number of high resolution, retouched image(s). We also have different options for you to choose from if you need additional images, it all depends on what you need.

What about hair and makeup?

 We highly recommend working with a professional hair and makeup artist if you feel like you can’t do the hair and makeup yourself. Although hair and makeup are not included in the session fee, we do offer makeup for $150 additional.

 For women, here are a couple of tips if you plan on doing it yourself.

  • Stay away from any makeup with an SPF. These ingredients are designed to reflect certain kinds of light and can cause your skin to appear more shiny on camera instead of less.
  • Go easy on the blush. This is the one area that stands out the most in photos and can be very difficult to correct in post-processing.
  • Bring your makeup to the session in case you need to reapply.
  •  Come with hair and makeup ready to go so you can get the most of your session.  Don’t let it cut into your photography time!

What should I wear for my head shots?

  • Always bring clothes that match your style and personality.
  • Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Solid colors are best.
  • No logos
  • Bring an undershirt or camisole if you are shooting multiple outfits. If saves time when you are changing outfits.
  • For a true head shot session, your lower half will not likely make it into the photos, but make sure that whatever bottoms you have are clean, pressed, and match your tops.  You never know what we might be able to get out of your session. If you are wearing a suit, be sure to bring the pants.
  • Undergarments for women. Make sure you include the right undergarments for the tops you bring.  You might be disappointed if you bring a super cute top or strapless dress but you forgot to bring a strapless bra.
  • For women: if you are wearing a slimmer, body conscious outfit, be sure to wear your spanx or slimming undergarment to help everythingl look smooth.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. We don’t remove wrinkles or stains (if we do, there would be an additional fee).
  • Make sure that you pack your jewelry.
  • It’s always a good idea to try on your outfits a couple of days before your session, just in case you need to have them cleaned, pressed, or something needs to be added.

What else should I do to prepare for my session?

  • If you plan to get your hair cut or colored,make sure to do it 3-5 days before your session. Don’t do anything drastic with your hair right before the shoot. This is often a number one reason people are unsatisfied with their images.
  • Get plenty of rest a couple nights before your session.
  • Drink plenty of water.

How long does it take to get my images back?

For most sessions, you will have the opportunity to see and select your images immediately after the session. This can significantly cut down on the turnaround time of getting your images as it eliminates the need for another preview/appointment order.
Your images are typically emailed to you within 2-3 business days after the session. If you want a CD, we can save your images to that as well.
Come to your session ready to make decisions and everything will go much more quickly.