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About Sutton Photography 661-942-4813

                                                                              “My portraits may not hang in museums,

                                      but they hang in the homes of people all over this town . . . .

                       and they are priceless”



  • I am a small-town Midwesterner girl at heart
  • I believe in commitment and love
  • I always have a stash of chocolate wherever I am – you never know when you will need it!
  • I used to drive an 18 wheeler. Yup, one of those big semis you see on the freeway. We hauled beef to Boston and fish back to the Midwest.
  • My favorite cake is the angel food cake my Mom made me as a kid on my birthdays
  • I adore my pets: currently I have 5 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 horse
  • The first thing I do when I visit a new place is see what museums they have
  • The best part of my job are all the people I meet and the stories I learn about them

Official Stuff

  • Received the Business and Arts Degree from the Professional Photographers of California.
  • Voted AV’s Best Photographer 10 years. 
  • Portraits have been accepted into the Professional Photographers of America Exhibits
  • Awarded several Award of Merit Prints by the Professional Photographers of California.

Julie is authentically interested in her subjects, capturing not only their outward appearance, but their personality as well.  She is most passionate about telling her client’s stories and leaving behind a record of a moment of someone’s life.

               “The connections we have with other people are the most important thing in life,

                                                                       time is fleeting,

                                   and you need an image to anchor your heart to that moment.”