Passport Photos

Passport Photos


  How do I get passport photos?  Call, make an appointment, photo will only take 5 minutes.

How many photos  do I get?  You will receive two identical photos

How soon do I get the photos?  You will get your photos within 1 week

 What is the cost for passport photos? $35 for US Passport photos $55 for custom passports

  What other country passports do you offer? Canadian, UK, Ireland, Jamaican.

 My country isn’t listed, can you help? Just ask. We can probably do it!

It is your responsibility to know the exact dimensions of the photos.

   Call us at 661-942-4813.   Set up an appointment. 

It’s that easy. 

Remember to allow at least 1 week for delivery of photos.

Please call 661-942-4813 

Please note, we ONLY take the photos for your passport. 

We do NOT issue the passport.