Senior Experience


Remember her first school photo?
Remember choosing the outfit and brushing her hair
and picking out the headband she wore?

You look at that little face and wonder where
the time went.

Now you are starting to think about the next
big steps . . .where they are going to college, what
they are going to do, you know big life stuff.

Their senior year will fly by too.
Before you know it, graduation day will be here.

In choosing a senior photographer,
this is one time you should not settle for
“good enough”

You save “good enough” for things that in the
long run don’t really matter.
Not for senior portraits.

Senior portraits matter.

Yes, portraits are important to give to grandparents,
to put in the yearbook, but they are really for you,
the parent.

You will look back at these portraits, and with
each and every passing year, they become more
and more valuable and more precious.

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You have waited a long time to be a high school senior.
You have something that makes you unique.
Something that makes you different than anyone else.

It’s normal to feel insecure about your photo shoot.
No one comes into the studio feeling like they have it all together.
There is always something they feel self-conscious about:
their skin, their hair,their weight, or their smile.

We will do everything in our power to give you the confidence to look your best, and show on the outside what you are on the inside.

There is also nothing wrong with a little help!

It’s not cheating, hey even models have professional hair and makeup (you can too!) and their photos are edited also.

We guarantee that you will love your images from your session
or we will reshoot your session at no charge.

We strongly suggest a portrait consultation ahead of your session.
We will go over what outfits you might want to bring, if you want
a studio or outdoor session.

Together with your ideas and my mad skills,
you will have 
the best photography experience
of your life!

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