5 things to do right now to get ready for your senior session

5 Tips to start planning for your senior session.

You might be planning your senior portrait session and think you’ve thought of everything.

Food for thought.

Do you want a letter jacket in your photos?

Do you have it or do you need to order it?
It can take weeks to just get the jacket, and that’s not even taking into consideration, getting the patches sewn on it.
A local business that alot of my clients use is https://www.palmdaletrophy.com/

What about a class ring?  You might already have that, but put it on the list to bring with you.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ll ask a senior if they have a class ring and they say “Yes, at home”.  That is disappointing!

Want to use a sports jersey?  Some schools require that you get permission ahead of time, so you can reserve it and return it.

Plan out your haircut and color ahead of time.  It can take weeks just to get an appointment.

Start going through your closet.  See what you already have that you love and is really you. Then shop as needed to fill in the gaps

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