Family Portraits – Lancaster, CA


 Family Portraits

 family-portraits-Lancaster-CAWe did Christina’s family portraits in our Lancaster, CA studio. Christina wanted something different for her family portraits. We suggested a collage,taking  each individual and putting all the images together.  This is a way of showing each family member’s personality. From Mom and Dad to the little granddaughter, everyone looks great.Doing a collage family portrait allows each person to get exactly what they want.. Think of all the possibilities when each person can look their best and you don’t have to compromise on that one person that looks ok but not great. Each person chooses their best pose, and we put it together.This gives the portrait a very modern feel and everyone is happy! Family portraits are so important that is worth the time, effort and investment to do them. Call today for a free consultation at 661-942-4813 for a family portrait in Lancaster, Ca.