Future Leaders of the Antelope Valley

Future Leaders of the Antelope Valley

Two of our photography clients were featured in the Antelope Valley’s Edition of the Future Leaders.

Senior girl in traditional black drape, future leaders of the Antelope Valley

Senior photography, traditional v-drape, photography lancaster, ca

“”In her years as an athlete at Bethel Christian School, Jazmin has seen teammates and opponents alike suffer from injuries.  In the future, she’d like to be the one who helps them get back in actions. She hopes to study physiotherapy in colleges with her sights set on a career in sports medicine. Jazmin has a 3.98 grade-point averageis taking AP history and AP and composition. “Jazmin has an outstanding work ethic and a sweet spirit”, Casey Haynes of Bethel Christian said. Jazmin has volunteered at a surgical center and worked with Project Angel Food, which makes food for the sick. “knowing that you did a good deed helping out somebody who is really sick and providing food for them was really great,” she said. “The surgical institute was a really good experience,” she added ,”It really opened doors to seeings a lot of new things that maybe other students wouldn’t have access to. It was great working with doctors and getting to sit in on some surgeries and see what really goes on in their life.” Congratulations to Jazmin – Future Leader.  (excerpted from Antelope Valley Press: written by Darren Vaughan)

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Senior portrait in Bethel cap and gown


Senior girl with volleyball props

Our second star student is Catherine, a senior at Paraclete.  “When other kids said they wanted to be a teach or a firefighter, Catherine  said she was interested in finding a cure for cancer.  That desire was solidified when her younger brother, Randy, developed health problems after he was born more than three years ago.”the medical field saved his life,”she said. Now “he’s a perfectly normal 3 1/2 year old, running around getting into trouble.” The Paraclete senior has played volleyball since she was  11 years old, andshe was named the Delphic League Most Valuable Player and was named to the all-CIF team this past season for Paraclete.  Catherine, who has a 4.3 grade point average, is so focused on her goals that this year she took calculus and physics as her electives. Catherine also volunteers at the Los Angels County Department of Children and Family Services. Her mother says that”Catherine is very driven and tries to excel at everything she does. She has been self-driven since a young age and has always been kindhearted and willing to help others around her. She is not only smart but also kindhearted. She never leaves a task uncompleted.”  Congratulations to Catherine – A Future Leader of the Antelope Valley.

(Excerpted from Antelope Valley Press: written by Alan Hendry)

Senior girl in studio jeans and boots

senior girl in studio jeans