Mountain Wedding Photos Tehachapi, CA



Such a great day!  Perfect in every way.  We did mountain wedding photos in Tehachapi, CA at Jennifer’s Terrace.

  It is what I would call a “secret” location, because when you enter the rustic gates, you are transported to a “secret” garden. There is a beautiful, relaxing fountain in the middle, with roses and other flowers throughout the whole venue.

The bride and groom did their “first look” photos inside the office which is a converted house. It is filled with lots of little touches and antique furniture. 

With a guest list of about 50 people, it was just the right size. The ceremony included the vows and ring exchange, but with an added twist(literally).  The bride and groom did the chord of 3.  They did something I have never seen, they “braided the chord on a cute plaque like board.  

After the “I Do’s, the guests mingled and were treated to a dessert buffet.  This featured chocolate covered strawberries, breakfast like quiches, fruit tarts, a marvelous chocolate pudding and of course cupcakes.  These cupcakes were the some of the best with blueberries on top and in the filling.

The bride and groom changed into their going away clothes, and Crystal Wheeler, the coordinator at Jennifer’s Terrace, had a great idea to deadhead the roses and then handed out the petals to the guests.  As Jacob and Michaela walked through the pathway, they were showered with rose petals to send them on their way.