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Pet Portraits and Animal Photography

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Animal Photography in studio and on location

One of our favorite sessions to do are pet portraits.

  We love pets and we look forward to meeting your pets.

Whether it is your dog, cat, horse, snake or iguana, we love your pets too! 

We have photographed lots of different breeds of dogs. 

We have photographed cats, snakes, gone to ranches to photograph people and their horses. 

We have lots of patience with your animals, you just have to leave it up to us.

We understand that people have a very special bond with their pets and that they are more than just pets, they are your family! 

We can do pet photography either in the studio or on location.

Pet portraits can be either your pet alone or with you or both.

  Call to set up a portrait consultation absolutely free and we can talk about what you are looking for.


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