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Photography Instruction on Basic TTL Flash

Julie Sutton Speaker at Lancaster Photography Association

Professional photography instruction

Julie Sutton teaching on-camera flash

Julie Sutton, of Sutton Photography was a guest speaker at LPA (Lancaster Photography Association).

Julie spoke on “Taming the Best in your Flash”, the basics of on camera TTL flash. With over 20 years experience as a professional photographer, Julie recounted starting her career in film and transitioning to digital. She spoke of the need to understand how TTL flash works, by utilizing the exposure mode in the camera. She pointed over various ways that the flash can be “tricked” into giving you false exposures, such as backlighting, shiny or reflective materials, or even very dark or light clothing. Julie explained the “zoom” flash technique to give a wider range to the flashhead.

Julie Sutton is a professional photography located in the BLVD district, 44803 Beech Ave., Lancaster, CA 93534