Modeling Headshots

Modeling Headshots, Lancaster, CA

On a breezy (and I mean super gusty) January day, we headed out to do some modeling

headshots of Michaela, in Lancaster, CA.

She opted for a more urban look, so we headed to downtown Lancaster.

Luckily there were some hay bales left over from some of the holiday activities, and I loved the

way the hay was the same color family as her poncho. The first photo was taken in the parking

lot of the Western Hotel.

From there we ventured to MOAH, I really liked the charcoal gray walls of the exterior.

My brave assistant was holding the reflector, and trying to not get blown away to the next county!

While Michael was changing clothes, I walked around and found some other locations,

perhaps out of the wind?  I liked the MOAH sign with her blue sweater and blue eyes. I am

amazed that her hair held up so great, come to think of it, we did put a ton of hairspray in it!

It was a fun time, she was a real trooper and the results were beautiful.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!