Photography Palmdale High School

Photography Palmdale High School

Photography in Palmdale, CA

Photography at Palmdale High School of friends from 10 years ago

It was a reunion of sorts for these 3 best friends.  About ten years after they graduated the best friends came back to the campus of Palmdale High School for photography. It was more than a photography session ,however, it was a trip back in time to the different places on campus that meant so much to these friends. The 3 friends, Morgan, Trisha, and Sheena were buddies from the flag team. We photographed their favorites “hangouts”.  Under the tree where they ate lunch nearly everyday.  The front of the school, showing the logo of the school, and the track and field. We loved the bleachers, and of course, picked the exact same time as the students were “running” the bleachers to do our photography shoot!  It was fun though, especially as I was not the one running. That looked a lot like work! I couldn’t believe how big the school and it’s grounds are.  There are tennis courts, a handball court, so many basketball courts you can’t count. and the football field is huge!

The shoot was all about these 3 friends, reminiscing about old times! They wore their letter jackets and came ready for fun. This will add another memory to their friendship in the years to come.

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